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Discovery Tour
Discovery Tour

We invite you to another journey through the wilderness of the Banat Mountains. This day trip which starts from Iabalcea through the National Park Semenic
will lead you to one of the most beautiful caves in Banat – the Comarnic cave.

With its impressive galleries and halls, the Comarnic cave, with a length of 5229 m, falls into the category of the largest and most monumental caves in the country.

The journey then unfolds along a historical railroad and ends with visiting the National Park’s Semenic giant trees, also known as the Sequoia trees,
very similar to the ones found in California.

A park ranger and a guide are walking you this wonderful journey, providing information about the geology and history of the place.

Season: May 1th to October 1th

Reservations: at least two weeks in advance (in exceptional cases, please contact us), you will be picked up from your hotel in Timisoara

Services included: transfer (air conditioned car or bus) to Iabalcea and back, tour guide, entry to the Comarnic cave, traditional meal and lots of fun

Please note: this trip is available for a group of 3 people or more (in case of fewer people, please contact us),
proper equipment is necessary: backpack, umbrella, waterproof clothing and medicines if needed.

Price: 59 € / Person

The amazing Semenic – Cheile Carasului National Park promises all nature lovers a unique experience.

Situated in the south-western Romania, this protected area greets its passerby’s with spectacular views, offering them a diverse range of fauna and a very rich flora.

Semenic – Cheile Carasului also hosts numerous nature reserves, forests and caves.

The varied conditions of climate and relief from this area, favour a continuous evolution of this park’s flora, creating a true botanical gallery.

National Park Semenic invites us to walk its narrow paths and to feed our wandering souls with this incredible wildlife.