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Cosmopolit – About us

Cosmopolit is a young start-up company, founded in 2014.

Our team meets the requirements of all those who want to know Timisoara and the Banat region. Timisoara (Romanian), Temeschburg (German), Temesvar (Hungarian), Tamisvar (Serbian) are all terms for the capital of Banat region which is well known for its multicultural life style.
Because of its geographical location between the boarder triangle –Romania, Hungary and Serbia – the city played a special strategic role in South-Eastern Europe for centuries.

Cosmopolit wants to connect you to local culture and traditions, organizing tours held by licensed guides, attending cultural events, themes parties, and excursions. The development of your national and international business is sustained by organizing conferences, seminars, business meetings, putting at your disposal the most appropriate locations and services.

Furthermore we want to promote the values of Timisoara, the capital of Banat, interfering culture with economic and social development. Top priority is given to the application of the best projects highlighting the social-cultural elements of the area. That’s our way to support Timisoara’s candidacy for the title of *European Capital of Culture* in 2021.

Mark-Alex Muntean – General Director

Born in Romania, leaving it at an early age for Germany, Mark-Alex Muntean begins his career in tourism through his geographical studies at the University of Heidelberg (M.A.) and the School of Tourism in Frankfurt am Main.

Numerous studies and research projects conducted in Berchtesgaden, Bavarian Forest and North-Eastern Thailand/Laos, helped him to develop his skills and intercultural knowledge assimilation, necessary to promote and develop tourism in areas with cultural potential. He gained his work experience by coordinating and organizing different cultural and touristic projects in the city of Leipzig.

Mark-Alex Muntean, with a vast travel experience, offers the customers of Cosmopolit a professional tourism consulting service.

Mark-Alex Muntean wants to promote Timisoara and the Banat region in the whole world, giving people from everywhere the opportunity to get in touch with the inter-ethnic local culture and tradition.